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Unique electronic gifts for teens

Unique electronic gifts for teens
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It is difficult to shop for most adolescents. Styles and trends are constantly changing, and a second , the gift of your most wanted teenager is yesterday's news . A better bet is to try to buy a unique gift card for her to be on the cutting edge of technology with something different than all his friends. These unique electronic gifts for teens are fun and useful , and make life easier for everyone.

This electronic device allows your teen to sing karaoke for all the songs on his iPod playlist . IKaraoke is a microphone like a pen with an attached cable that plugs into your iPod and temporarily removes vocals from songs he chooses to sing the list. Attach iKaraoke a dock for iPod or FM transmitter and use it to do karaoke in the evenings with friends or family. In 2009, iKaroke sold at places like Wal -Mart, and for $ 10 to $ 35.
Does your teen one of those people who falls asleep after his alarm rings in the morning to wake up an hour later , frantic and end ? Clocky is the perfect gift for her . This alarm has two rubber wheels on opposite sides of the line . The alarm goes off when it determines it , and if it does not rise and all the wheels of bedside and skins.
The alarm continues to sound until she wakes up to find and shut if off . This may be his worst nightmare in the morning, but it can not oversleep . Clocky is sold at places such as and for about $ 50 .

The smart pen
This unique electronic gift is ideal for taking notes or difficult to study in the eager girls. The Livescribe Smart Pen is a pen used to take notes as files and links to the audio section of the appendix, it is written . Your teenager can download his notes on his computer, search for specific words or and exploit some of the notes to hear the sentences. It is sold on for about $ 150.

Polaroid Digital Camera
In 1947, Polaroid introduced the first instant camera in the world. However, when digital cameras came on the scene , there was not only print photos from cameras . The Polaroid PoGo digital camera is a digital image and printing a color print 2 by 3 inches. The ink is not required, a special paper with colored crystals is used in the device .
The images are indelible and tear-resistant , and come with a peel-off adhesive backing so they can be used as stickers. Each battery lasts 15 titles . The downside is that the special photo paper must be replaced. In 2009, it costs about $ 25 for 30 sheets of paper , so it is on the expensive side . This unit can be purchased for about $ 150.

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