Monday, December 2, 2013

I love you gifts for men

I love you gifts for men
I love you gifts for men
A gift for your man does not come in a neat little package tied with a bow . Think outside of the box. If you want to show your husband or boyfriend how much you love , do something out of the ordinary. Love gifts are gifts from the heart. When a gift of reciprocity does not beg , you have reached the right note.

Love is the gas
To fill his gas tank on a cold and rainy day. Men take more responsibility for the driver, whether for family reunions or date night. With the high price of gas sky climbing , going to save time and money . This gift is best enjoyed if you do it while sleeping. Has it not surprised when he pulls into the store and only have to worry about pumping a steaming cup of Joe ?

Love is Organized
Organize his tool bench ... or drawer , or a CD collection , or a collection of travel bag or magazine. If your man is challenged organizational --- let's face it , many of them - help him out . While you 're at it , remove all dust and browse what you think it is in bad taste. You think with a warm glow the next time he reached for his masonry drill bit and can actually find .

Love is Baseball
Give it a play date all - Sports. That means no coverage of the cup, not a romantic comedy, not Kung Pao with your sister and brother- boring. Buy two tickets for his favorite team and a gift certificate to the sports bar and let him take his best friend. It is true --- you will not. Even if you are a big fan of the Yankees and can recite statistics hitters Derek Jeter since 1995 , do not go . All day is his. He can play golf or touch football in the morning, visit the sports bar for lunch, and take the game later in the day. Who knows? Your man can feel like the fight when he gets home.

Love is the healthiest
To improve his diet. According to a study published in the journal Obesity , married people and youth live -ins are more likely to become obese than those who remain single . Even gourmets can probably use more raw fruits and green business on omega 6 omega -3 too common for healthy greens . If you do some or all of the kitchen, or even if you buy the best grocery first choice right. You do not even need to tell him. His heart will love you for it .

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